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About Us

Established in 1946, the Washington Township Firefighters Association is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to serve the Washington Township Fire Department and its members. In years past the Association has used proceeds from its fundraising efforts to purchase new 2-way radios, tone activated radio systems, firefighting tools, EMS equipment, safety products, and firefighter apparel. Most recently the proceeds from the 65th Annual Ice Cream Social were used to purchase GPS units for all frontline apparatus. These units are currently being used every day to respond quickly to those in need.



2017 Goals

Our goal for the 2017 year is to continue to build off of our recent success.  We hope The Association can maintain a solid financial state which allows us to support our current projects while investing and developing new and innovated ways to serve the department and our community. We hope to make our 69th Annual Ice Cream Social one of the best ever by starting early with the help of our local community! We hope that the Association can continue to serve the Washington Township Fire Department, its members and the residents of the Washington Township/Centerville community to our highest potential.


All members of the Washington Township Fire Department are members of the Association. However, certain members maintain an active status within the Association by participating regularly. The Washington Township Firefighters Association is ran by a 6 person executive board. These position are voted on by members with individuals serving a 1 year team in their respective positions. After one year candidates may run for re-election or another office position.




2013 - 2016 were busy years for our Association! The success of our annual Ice Cream Social allowed us to sponsor numerous events, donate back to the community, and purchase several items to help make our fire department even better! Below is a brief outline of our accomplishments from those years:



  • Supported CPR operational cost

  • Purchased safety webbing for all firefighters

  • Supported Centerville Jazz Band Trailer Renovation

  • 66th annual Ice Cream Social

  • Purchased 12 GPS units to help enhance response times

  • Sponsored local youth Explorer Post 3369

  • Continued and expanded duty T-Shirt Sales

  • Purchased candy for Beggars Night

  • Sponsored ODOT safety training hosted by WTFD

  • Sponsored the annual “Breakfast with Santa” event

  • Purchased replacement state of the art LED flashlights

  • Hosted fire seminar with Captain Kirby of Cincinnati Fire

  • Installed CO monitors on all Medic bags for Crew Safety

  • Purchased Large Area Search Bags

  • Purchased new Fire Helmets

  • Cancer Prevention Kits

  • New RIT Bags for the Rapid Intervention Team



  2017 Association Officers:

  • President- Richard Ewing

  • Vice President- Jeff Joseph

  • Secretary- Denise Willits

  • Treasurer- Todd Wilson

  • Budget Trustee- Mike Guadagno

  • Property Trustee- Scott Ratcliffe

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